Since 1993 Guy Beausoleil has been helping people receive the benefits they are entitled to. Mr. Beausoleil has assisted in achieving numerous settlements resulting in the payment of millions of dollars in unpaid benefits and services that would have otherwise remained denied or overlooked by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board in Ontario.

"I help people in their time of greatest need!"

Based in the Southern Georgian Bay Area, Mr. Beausoleil, is one of a number of Licensed Paralegals qualified to serve in the Province of Ontario regarding WSIB matters.

Mr. Beausoleil brings a great deal of experience and success to the table. With many years of experience in the trenches of bureaucracy, he understands the problems and knows how to get results. He has a good grasp of the inner workings of the Compensation Board systems and knows what can be done to overcome the on-going cycle of red tape.

"I understand your issues and know how to resolve them."

Free Initial consultation

As part of my service to you, I am available for a FREE 20 Minute INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION. Call (705) 429-5556 or Toll Free 1-800-656-2857.  Or please tell me more by completing the Client Information Form 1.

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Guy Beausoleil
Licensed Paralegal

Guy Beausoleil only deals with Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) claims, appeals and training. Since 1993, he has resolved many claims for numerous clients, resulting in the recovery and payment of millions of dollars in benefits and services from the WSIB in Ontario.